Monday, September 7, 2009

Remodling Project or Marital Growth??

The home of the Zimmermans is over 100 years old with improvements made in the 70's. So each winter while Elvin puts in less hours at his job we try to do a small inexpensive remodeling project that brings our home more up-to-date and makes it more family friendly as our family is still growing.. So this winter we were planing on putting in a tile kitchen and dining room floor, with heat cables under the tile floor to help with the bitter cold winter winds... So today being Labor Day Elvin wasn't at work and we started talking about the new floor which led to talking about my tiny kitchen, which led to the comment "you know if we would take away this cabinet you would have less counter space but more floor space..." Which led to: and if we are gonna ever take away this cabinet we should do that before we do the floor. which means we would need a new counter top and We would have to paint the cabinets so that the new cabinets match the old cabinets and if we paint the cabinets..... Which led to Me saying: "So Honey, you would let me paint my cabinets ANY color I wanted?"
To which he replied " Yes, as long as they are not GREEN!!"
well really I was thinking that beautiful warm 'sage' color but to him it is GREEN and Green won't do!!!!
So I say: "Honey what color were YOU thinking the cabinets would get painted?" I am trying my very best not to get defensive of my beautiful Sage color...
Well turns out he was thinking the cabinets would be "WHITE",
So I try to explain to him that my walls are already a cream color and that cream and white CLASH, but that doesn't mean anything to him, so I simply say "I won't have white cabinets and a cream wall... "
So it turns out he would rather have me PAINT MY WHOLE KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM WALLS A different color so that the cabinets can stay white.
Also I learned that White is the only word in the male vocabulary to describe all the colors between "bright white" and "Bone"...
So while he is on my laptop watching hunting videos and browsing anything related to hunting I am browsing designer kitchens, every once in a while I will find a color scheme that is pleasing to me and I think not to GREEN for him.. So I ask him to look and guess what the answer is??? "Whatever, it's your kitchen!!!!"
So Ladies I have finally figured it out.. Plant that sweet man of yours in front of hunting videos (if he's not a hunter???) and Ask him that important question, It works...

Well, We still have to buy the paint and I haven't yet figured out how to go about with that one?? Maybe sent him to Cabelas while I go to Shermin Williams. Or sent him on a guided hunt while I hire a designer... Hmmm.. I LIKE the designer idea!!

Either way I am sure that this remodeling project will be an intense time of Marital growth!!

Love you Elvin!

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