Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Land of Magic

I have been to a land of magic! It’s the land where all things are possible, the land where dreams really do come true. Where baby dolls really do fall asleep in their plush little beds and never wake up till you lift them out of their blankets in the morning. Where a Tea set is an excuse for dressing all your favorite nursery friends in their finery and arranging them at a tiny, tea table. Not one of them complains about having a pillow for a chair or a teacup that is missing a handle.
It’s the land where Mommy knows all the answers to life’s many confusing questions and Daddy always comes home at the glorious hour of sundown. Where your friends that lived on the pages of your favorite stories keep you company as you play in that wonderful land of Magic. Where puppy dogs are forever friends and never run away. And Kittens love to be dressed up in frilly doll clothes. It’s the land where you can only stay for so long, only until life’s experiences teach you the many little lessons that help form you into the Child of God that you are today.

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