Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Vacation day 2

For some reason I have declared this week My Vacation, I am not starting any projects, not going to clean any rooms, I am only going to do regular mommy things. After the hustle and bustle of last week, entertaing family from out of state, and all the cooking and cleaning that I did to impress them.... So I started thinking about the things I have done on my vacation: Yesterday: I did 7 loads of laundry, (2 loads are still in the basket) the rest is put away. I cooked and delivered a meal for a friend that recently moved to the area, went to the local Produce auction and helped my sister by giving her advice on wich flowers to buy and which to pass on, fed my family a nutritious meal for supper...

Tuesday, (today) Slept in, forgot to pack lunches for Tina and Staci, :( delivered the girls to school with Mitchell still in PJs.. ( I refuse to get stressed, I AM ON VACATION!) cleaned up from our rush to get out the door.. started cooking chicken for dinner... played with my babies. the very best part of my day was spending the afternoon with my mommy friends. Put together 2 costumes for Tina and Staci's Western day at school tomorrow.. of course dinner and cleanup too!! This is turning out to be a great vacation Because I am not planning ANYTHING, I am just doing what feels right to do at the moment!!!

Next week I will be back to doing what I need to do: Planning and scheduling for this family of 6!

NO Idea what I am going to do tomorrow......But I do know that We will be eating leftovers.. so I don't even have to plan dinner!!!

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  1. Ruth Ann, I see your vacation is filled with wonderful things. LOL...

    Thank you for following Far Above Rubies. I love the support.