Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Vacation, Day 3

day three of my vacation started out rather Busy, Today was Western day at school for Tina and Staci, Tina decided to dress in traditional western wear, a Denim skirt, plaid shirt and pink cowboy boots.. Staci was an Indian princess ( the costume that made me decide that my sewing machine won't have vacation after all) We wanted to get out the door a few minutes early so that we could go to Beka's house and have her do Staci's face painting! And of course this morning was the Morning that both Mitchell and Hadassah decided to sleep late..Isn't that always how it goes?? So saying a prayer that Mitchell would be in a good mood when he wakes up, I went outdoors to try to find a feather for my Indian princess.. I found one in the barn but it wasn't in real good shape.. my second choice was to go the the chicken coop and see if the chickens had lost any feathers.. nope, no luck there either.. BUT one of the chickens is a beautiful black and white and her wing feathers would be perfect!!!... But how in the world am I gonna catch her without having that cocky old rooster attack me??? Yes I am intimidated by him!! So I hunted down a stick and made sure he knew I was armed and dangerous! I fed the chickens and caught my beauty.. I sure did feel sorry for her when I had to pull soooo hard to get one of those prized feathers, she probably will go on strike and not lay any eggs for a week!! It was all worth it to see the Indian princess's eyes light up and tell me "It's PERFECT Mom!"
I got everyone to school on time and we even had time to have Beka do the face paint, I hung out with the kids for a while, they were all so cute, Cowboys and cowgirls, Indians, and even a 49er!!
While Hadassah took a nap I worked in my greenhouse for a bit, giving my many plants some tenderlovingcare, decided to sew a little something for the girls for Slumber Party day at school tomorrow, Poor sewing machine, no vacation at all.
While Mitchell and Hadassah napped I sat on the recliner planning a birthday party for a dear friend!!! FUN! School dismissed at 1:30 so off to get the girls, to the Chiropractor for all 5 of us, stopped at the grocery store and got a few groceries, and of course to K-Mart for diapers for Hadassah, (Since this is my vacation week I will not start wearing her the cloth diapers!) We had no meltdowns, (a few close calls though) So the shopping was a success!
back home while I took care of the little ones Kristina and Staci brought all the groceries in and put them away!! (NOW THAT is vacation!!) We all sat and read stories and then it was dinner and off to church, After church I worked on a project for Slumber Party Day tomorrow. (Yes the Idea came to me during church!) hate when that happens! maybe I have ADD or ADHD??? maybe With being on vacation My mind isn't active enough and so comes up with things to keep it occupied all by it's self??? see you tomorrow, with pics of SLUMBER PARTY DAY!!

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