Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 things you may not know about me! You have been tagged!

Read at your own risk!

1.My sister and I were painting some old chairs for mom, we were probably 9 & 11 yaers old. we ended up chasing each other with paint brushes filled with paint. IT WAS MY SIS WHO STARTED IT!! but I got the blame and as a punishment I had to muck out the three horse stalls in the barn. That was the best punishment I ever got!! because I loved spending time with my pony! Mom never punished me with that chore again! ???

2. My beautiful, well behaved 8 year old daughter, Kristina, was a parents nightmare at age 2 &1/2.. I woke up one morning knowing that there was more to motherhood than, struggling to LOVE a 2 & 1/2 year old all day! And so began my library of child training books..

3.I Love my children so much that sometimes I want to run away from them.

4. When my husband eats an unhealthy snack befor bed I almost always join him!!! GULP!!

5. I still dream about the magic of Ice skating under a full moon on a sparkling winter night holding hands with boys.. Thats when Romance became real to me... ahhh to be 14 and imagine myself in Love...

6. I tell my husband what to get me for gifts.. Yes I tell him where, what, and how..

7.It's 10:00 pm and I am gonna eat a handful of hershey kisses!!! Yummy!!!

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  1. All I know is our lives are richer because of knowing and loving the Zimmermans! We are soooo thankful God let our paths cross.

  2. This is just TOO funny! :) I can't believe you ENJOYED doing that!!! NOW THAT is a CALM HEART> :) No Anxiety there!